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The OpenVolta Project is an online collaborative open technology project dedicated to development a high performance electric motors and generators for electric vehicle (EV). Inspired by open source, the OpenVolta Project perfectly fits in this context to share knowledge.

As of today (2013-09-25)

For more than three years, we have design several motors. Currently, we focus and work on the Quadrupole motor/geenrator. This motor seems to promise an execellent efficiency but we are still in development and simulation stage. The motor is a radial type motor, dual stator, single rotor with concentrated magnetic field within rotor segments. It offers a low cogging torque, a power of approximatly of 14kW, 28Nm of at 100A and is designed to operate at 144V.

Help needed!

We need help! we need poeple that can validate, built and test the prototype motors-generators that are developped by the OpenVolta community. We need help with the openvolta website to maintain it, set up a forum, set web-based project management system. Hi! I'm Donald Wright, and I need your help! You would like to participate, please email me at donald.wright @

Thanks for you support!


OpenVolta Project / Le projet OpenVolta

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